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I Wish They All Could Be Hanoi Vietnam Girls

Why do I wish they could all be Hanoi Vietnam Girls?  Quite simply, because these Vietnamese girls are the most alluring, beautiful and sexy girls not just in Asia, but throughout the whole world in my opinion.  If all the girls in the world were Vietnamese then I know every man would be happy.

It never ceases to amaze me whenever I land in Vietnam and see the Hanoi girls again.  While I’m gone I have a memory of what it’s like, but it seems the memory pales in comparison with the real thing.  Once there I realize again how beautiful these girls are and I am entranced and fall in love with Vietnam and Vietnamese girls all over again.

It’s such a combination of things that makes these Hanoi Vietnam girls so alluring to me.   A combination of the way they move and walk, their shy smile when they make eye contact, their style of dress and not most importantly their long raven black hair that makes them a joy to look upon.  It’s one thing to see a single Vietnamese girl in Europe or America on the streets, but it is a completely different matter to see them flow past in their hundreds and thousands on the streets of Hanoi, each one more beautiful than the next.

Cute Vietnamese Girl

How can you possibly ignore the sensuality and the promise of a beautiful Vietnamese girl?  I for one simply cannot and if you’re interested in Vietnamese girls you don’t need to either.  Get online and meet some of these Hanoi Vietnam girls and then get yourself to Vietnam with all haste.  I promise you that you’ll become as entranced as I’ve been for over a decade and you’ll never want to come back.  Such is the power of the femininity of Vietnamese girls.

I know that I can’t force you to go out and meet a Vietnamese girl or to take a Vietnamese girl as your girlfriend, fiancée or wife.  All I can do is recommend and that’s what I’m doing, recommending that you take a chance with a Vietnamese girl to find love and happiness.  Maybe it’s not for you, but as for me I still wish they could all be Hanoi Vietnam girls.

June 13, 2009   No Comments