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American Men Looking for A Vietnamese Bride

You might have noticed a craze in Vietnam for many decades. A trend of American men flying to Vietnam and registering with personals agencies to find a Vietnamese bride. As American culture morphs and Western women become more independent and more in the vein of men, conventional Western men are looking to Vietnam to find a more conventional wife. Vietnamese women are frequently sexy, thin, take extremely good care of themselves and also take extremely good care of their men. They cook, they clean, they take care of the kids and they make their fellow feel like a King. It’s no wonder American guys want a Vietnamese bride.

A Vietnamese Bride

For the women, the blokes are thought to be as a good catch. American men, even less affluent ones, typically have more dosh than Vietnamese fellows. American men afford a Vietnamese lady an opportunity to leave Vietnam and experience a different country. American fellows are perceived by some Vietnamese girls as being kinder than Vietnamese men and Vietnamese men have a certain notoriety for not remaining monogamous. Many Vietnamese blokes also do not settle down after getting married, and keep a mistress even though they have a spouse and kids at home. So for some Vietnamese girls, an American guy presents things a Vietnamese bloke does not.

As you can imagine, there are still a few difficulties in wedding a Vietnamese bride. Language differences, cultural differences and visa problems come immediately to my mind when considering some of the issues that Vietnamese-Western couples could encounter. Overall though a Vietnamese bride might be a great idea for many guys that have become disappointed with American girls. If you enter into the partnership with a bit of prudence and with discretion you have a good chance of having an outstanding marriage.

To the guys who travel to Vietnam searching for love and a Vietnamese bride, I say “Best of fortune”. It can happen for you, especially in this day and age of web dating and personals. To the Vietnamese girls I say Get to know this guy slowly. In any culture, there are good and wicked. Look out for warning signs, and trust your instincts. If you have doubts, they are there for a reason. Money isn’t everything.

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Find A Vietnamese Wife Today

I think that that there are lots of of guys looking for a Vietnamese wife and I think this is a super idea. I can assure you from personal experience that a Vietnamese wife can make an awesome spouse and can make your life more rich. If you haven’t already taken the first step I suggest that you do so by getting online and looking around at what some of the Vietnamese personals sites can offer you.

You will find that your new Vietnamese wife won’t be shy of work, but you should give her a bit of space in her dreams of a new life of leisure. A Vietnamese lady will cook for you, wash the laundry, bring you a drink, spoil you and even accept your hanging out at the local pub for a few drinks each night so long as you take care of her too (which might include sending cash home to her family). You might even go to the length of putting her in charge of the family budget and you can be assured that she will do an excellent job.

You Need to Be Patient
I can’t even tell you how often I’ve heard of blokes going to Vietnam on vacation and getting hitched to the first lovely girl they meet. This is not only foolish for the man, but similarly foolish for the women who is most likely just taking whatever opportunity she gets as her chances of meeting Americans is limited.

In your home city you wouldn’t consider marrying a woman you met several weeks ago. It takes time to get to know your new girlfriend, to understand her culture and history and to trust each other. You should also understand the monetary repercussions of your partnership, as throughout history in Vietnam marriage is an economic arrangement as much as a romantic one. Make sure to look before you leap.

Vietnamese Bride

Considering Age vs Beauty
While younger women are definitely prettier and active, many times they are less settled and less reliable. Older girls typically will have better social skills, better morals and will be more loyal. Vietnam has undergone a lot of changes in the past few decades and you’ll notice that the younger Vietnamese women could be missing a lot of the former charm and innocence of Vietnam.

Be a culture vulture
Make an attempt to learn Vietnamese and learn as much as you can about the Vietnamese culture. There are lots of sites online you can browse to learn about Vietnamese culture and to learn some Vietnamese language. If you ever expect to cross the cultural fence you should at least respect your Vietnamese wife enough to try.

It’s truly amazing that lots of blokes still come to Vietnam expecting to pick up a new wife like getting a new pet. Even more surprising is that they expect their new Vietnamese wife will slide right into life back in their home city without any concern for her culture. I won’t say it can’t be done, but I think it is crucial to at least have knowledge of Vietnamese culture so you understand what your bride is going through. Vietnamese and Western cultures can be totally different in many ways.

Don’t shy away from shy girls
Vietnamese’s are historically very conservative and shy so I would expect at least a bit of shyness from your Vietnamese lady, especially in the beginning. Don’t be surprised if the lady brings a family member or best friend along on your first few dates, this is completely normal for Vietnamese culture. Also, don’t be surprised if it takes a bit of time to have your first kiss. Romantic actions aren’t viewed as they are in the West and intimacy is something that usually comes later in a relationship in Vietnam than in America.

With that said, typically a shy lady is also a good woman. One who has good manners, morals and values. These are exactly the types of ladies you should be looking for if you’re looking to marry a Vietnamese lady. Please be patient as most Vietnamese good girls will think that once you are having sex your future engagement is certain. Try not to disappoint them.

Last Thoughts
While I have tried to be as objective as possible each blokes experiences will necessarily be unique. Many of you may disagree with what I’ve written and that’s fine, it is simply a general guideline for successfully meeting a Vietnamese wife.

Try to remember that there is no such thing as the perfect relationship. Any good relationship will require work. Finding the right Vietnamese wife will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine and truthfully many chaps say they feel like the happiest chap on the planet once they find their Vietnamese wife.

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