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The Beauty of Vietnam Women

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I think the most pretty women in the world are Vietnam women. I know you have possibly previously heard me say that before, but I think that it merits saying again. If you are on this site reading this post then I’m confident you agree with me when I say that Vietnamese women are certainly the most attractive women in the world. I guess that could be disputed and I’d be happy to hear your ideas in the comments below, but that is my idea and I’m staying with it.

What brings me to the conclusion that Vietnam women are so darned attractive you may. Well, the reasons are more than a few, but here are several:

  • Their gracious manners
  • The shy smiles
  • Slim sexy figures
  • Silky raven black tresses
  • almond shaped dark eyes
  • Silky smooth skin
beautiful vietnamese women

Don’t mistake me, other ladies around the world have their positives as well, but it seems not one of them them spark my interests like Vietnam women.

Besides which, Vietnamese women care for their spouses unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the West. From dinner and cleaning to the bedroom, Vietnam women are a joy as a spouse. I know not all relationships are perfect and neither will your relationship with a Vietnamese woman be, but it is as close to perfect as I’ve located. Certainly there are troubles, but they are typically tiny and many times culturally related, just requiring a bit of learning and understanding on both people’s part to avoid going forward.

If you are set for the experience of your lifetime and joy in abundance then I recommend you get out there and locate a attractive Vietnamese girl right away. There are scores of ways to meet Vietnamese women, even if you are not physically in Vietnam. If you do happen to be in Vietnam then so much the better, just initiate conversations no matter where you are, maybe inquiring for help with your Vietnamese or where the limes are in the supermarket or something similar. It’s simple to get a conversation started and once you’re beyond the first stages of talking it’s quite easy to get a date.

If you are not physically in Vietnam then it’s different, but still easy for you to meet Vietnamese women. Just browse to to VietnamCupid and begin looking. Once you’ve located a Vietnamese girl that you think is interesting or cute send her an email and that’s it. It’s so simple on VietnamCupid because the women are there for the same reason as you, to connect with and presumably fall in love with a foreigner.

If you’re in agreement that Vietnam women are the most attractive ladies on the planet then get out there and locate one for yourself. There’s really no excuse at all to feel that you can’t have a pretty young Vietnamese woman fall for you. So many of them are interested in Americans, that hooking up with one is like shooting fish in a barrel. Once you have dated a few attractive Vietnamese ladies you’ll certainly thank me for pushing you to do so.

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1 DL { 07.08.10 at 12:35 am }

Its true, Vietnam women are beautiful. And after some searching and socializing, I have found Vietnam women to my most preferred choice. I like how Vietnamese women will actually have a tan because of the sub-tropical to tropical climate, how they are often MORE petite than even China and Japan women. Don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate the beauty of women from every country, however, I also notice that the income per capita in Vietnam has been in with the lowest of categories amongst developing nations. But more recently, there has been great economic growth due to the determination and hard work of the women and men of Vietnam. It is common now and days to run into women who own their own shops and run them successfully. Business women. In the past decade, it is the Vietnamese women in this county who have made the Vietnamese-Buddhist Temple a reality, and I am so happy for them for making the community better and more culturally diverse.

I am an american (native american) and I have always loved asian women more than any other, but I love Vietnam women the most, for many reasons, including their beautiful outsides and their courageous insides. I even like how they may not be as seemingly open and welcoming at first, but once they accept you as some one that can be trusted, you’re always cared for.

I love Vietnam women. I love Vietnam culture and language, and I have learned to love many of the Vietnam foods that were once strange to me. I love associating with the Vietnamese community, and I know we shall continue to have wondeful cultural exchanges for decades to come :)

2 Donkeypunch { 12.10.10 at 1:55 am }

Like shooting fish in a barrel. That is awesome!

3 Jennie { 01.21.11 at 5:24 pm }

asking for cultural research :
what are the 7 things the girl must know before getting married ?

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